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Smoothly Customize Your Seller Profile

If you’re a seller in UAESTORE marketplace, your profile is more than just a quick stop on your way to selling your products – it’s your opportunity to help customers find your products and to feel confident about them. With UAESTORE, you can great your customers with a “Hey!” and invite them to your store. Tell your customers the story behind your brand and how you created or designed your products. Convince them you’re the best shop in town with your products’ images and previous customers’ ratings and comments!

Communicating with your customers Effectively

With UAESTORE, you will choose the best way to communicate with your customers by providing your shop’s number for customers to directly contact you. Engage on social media by using social media to post special offers, information about new products or services, and general announcements. Also, in UAESTORE you’ll be able to ask for your customers’ feedback. Surveys allow you to ask your clients for feedback on the products and services you offer. You can find out their thoughts on your products and services, and what you could improve on or add to your offerings.


Add Unlimited Products

UAESTORE allows you to add as many products as you want. Add your products to your Marketplace. List your eye-catching products with the best photos, price and descriptions.


Easily Connect Your Marketplace to your Social Profiles

You can post your products on your social Profiles by clicking on the Social Profiles tab. Click on the icon of the network you want to connect to and you’ll find all the social profiles that are already connected UAESTORE and you’ll be able to add new ones as well.

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